The latest outdoor accessory arrived in store today, the ideal gift for all outdoor enthusiasts The DUSKRUNNER is an advanced safety vest ideal for any outdoor sports activity where being seen is a priority. Each vest is piped with high quality durable fiberoptic lighting that can be seen from hundreds of yards away ensuring you are visible during the dark nights.

One size fits all
Operates on 2 AA Batteries giving approx 100 hours of use (not included)
3 lighting cycles, Flash, rapid flash and continuous illumination
Available in Dusk Pink, Neon Green, Fluro Blue.
Very light weight - 189g
Versatile design allowing use in all seasons
One clip design making it straight forward to put on and take off
Reflective 3M strapping making the entire vest reflective

Other outdoor accessories available in store including:
▪LED flash lights
▪Reflective vests
▪Reflective snap wraps
▪Lock laces
▪Hydration belts
▪Runner bottles